High-quality wood products for windows, doors and facades

Münchinger is one of the leading suppliers of laminated scantlings, solid wood, post and beam profiles, as well as garden wood and deckings.

As a "global player" in the international trade in high-quality wood products, we are an important partner to the window, door and facade industry.
In our modern processing plant we produce glued window scantlings and high-quality wood products, sustainable, certified with responsibility
„Made in Germany“.

Ecology and sustainability

Sustainable and environmentally sound business is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Only if we respect and protect the resources that are the basis of our life we will have a long-term perspective. In our factory in Leutershausen, we use 100 % of our wood in an ecological cycle, starting with the cutting of the timber, moving onto the finger-jointing and gluing of the wood and including optimisation.

All wood wastes, such as sawing or planing chips, are processed to make environmentally sound premium briquettes.

The efficient exploitation of resources and conscientious management of nature
are the basis of our activity and philosophy.

think green,
be green,
act green.


Münchinger wood products originate from sustainably managed forestry, which guarantees the protection of forests also for the next generations. Top-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology guarantee the highest product quality "made in Germany" for our customers.

Unser Verarbeitungswerk in Leutershausen ist nach den aktuellen PEFC-, ift-, FSC-Richtlinien zertifiziert.


Social commitment, but also the promotion of training and studies as well as the support of industry institutions are an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

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Top-grade wood products made by Münchinger are used in a broad variety of structures and projects.
Thanks to intensive collaboration with our customers, we can experience every day how our products become integral parts of outstanding architectural objects, ranging from compact family houses to architecturally demanding properties, from public buildings to company headquarters.

We would like to take the opportunity to cordially thank all customers who made these impressive pictures available!

  • Erste Campus Wien, Firma Katzbeck

  • Firma SOLARLUX

  • Firma SOLARLUX

  • Firma SOLARLUX

  • Rathaus Forum HH-Harburg/Sehlmann Fensterbau

  • Wolf Fenster Italien, Bibliothek Lana

  • TIMM Stadtbibliothek

  • Solarlux

  • Müller Fensterbau, Ulm

  • TIMM BMU Neubau

  • TIMM Finanzministerium

  • Uhrenmanufaktur Glashütte

  • Müller Fensterbau, KA

  • TIMM Washington

  • Zoellner Rebenhof

  • ANNEN Interbook

  • Wolf Fenster Italien, Kiga Schlanders

  • Zoellner

  • Katzbeck Campus