Wood ist fascinating

Wood is a traditional material which is timeless and always fashionable. During recent years, wood has become the construction material of the future. This trend is due to improved technologies in wood processing and a general change in attitude towards environmental protection and sustainability in our society. The universal construction material timber offers a variety of solutions for sustainable, environmentally sound and socially compatible design in modern architecture.  

These designs consolidate architectural quality and careful management of our resources. The unique material wood has always fascinated architects and builders with its variety of applications, charm and value.


Defectfree wood in
all dimensions


Environmentally sound
and responsible

100 % MADE IN

We produce in Germany


Tradition and modern times – no matter whether historical buildings or visionary future objects are concerned – wood is an indispensable material.

Be inspired by our impressive photos!


  • Wolf Fenster, Italy

  • ACCOYA® Italian Villa

  • ACCOYA® Villa Bie

  • Peter W. Schmidt architecture

  • Wolf Fenster, Italy

  • Zoellner windows panorama

  • Wolf Fenster Italy, Hotel Pergola

  • Zoellner windows — Vinothek winery Ludger Veit


Top-grade wood products made by Münchinger are used in a broad variety of structures and projects. Thanks to intensive collaboration with our customers, we can experience every day how our products become integral parts of outstanding architectural objects, ranging from compact family houses to architecturally demanding properties, from public buildings to company headquarters.

We would like to take the opportunity to cordially thank all customers who made these impressive pictures available!

  • Fa. UNILUX Fenster und Türen/ Fa. Stilewood, Kanada

  • Rathaus Forum HH-Harburg/Sehlmann Fensterbau

  • Rauh SR Fensterbau

  • NIVEAU Fenster

  • Wolf Fenster Italy, Library Lana

  • TIMM city library

  • Solarlux

  • Peter W. Schmidt architecture

  • Müller Fensterbau, Ulm


  • Zoellner Fensterbau

  • TIMM BMU New

  • ANNEN Wellenst Valentiny

  • TIMM 
    Ministry of Finance

  • Uhrenmanufaktur

  • Müller Fensterbau, KA

  • TIMM Washington

  • Zoellner vine yard

  • TIMM 

  • ANNEN Interbook

  • Wolf Fenster Italy, Kiga Schlanders

  • Zoellner

  • Katzbeck Campus

  • Zoellner

  • Town hall Düsseldorf, Burgplatz 1

  • Müller Fensterbau, Stuttgart

  • federal conservation Bonn

  • federal conservation Bonn