Environmental technology

At Münchinger we integrate sustainability into our decision-making process, also with regard to innovative and environmentally sound energy generation. As a result of our investments in large photovoltaic installations we can use the sun as a source of renewable energies.

We protect the environment because the conversion of sun light into electrical power does not involve any emission of pollutants. Our photovoltaic systems ensure an excellent ecological balance. 


Defectfree wood in
all dimensions


Environmentally sound
and responsible

100 % MADE IN

We produce in Germany

Ecology and sustainability

Sustainable and environmentally sound business is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Only if we respect and protect the resources that are the basis of our life we will have a long-term perspective. In our factory in Leutershausen, we use 100 % of our wood in an ecological cycle, starting with the cutting of the timber, moving onto the finger-jointing and gluing of the wood and including optimisation.

All wood wastes, such as sawing or planing chips, are processed to make environmentally sound premium briquettes.

The efficient exploitation of resources and conscientious management of nature are the basis of our activity and philosophy.

 Our wood originates from sustainably managed forests


 All wood wastes are pressed to briquettes



Münchinger wood products originate from sustainably managed forestry, which guarantees the protection of forests also for the next generations. Top-grade materials and state-of-the-art technology guarantee the highest product quality "made in Germany" for our customers.

Our processing factory in Leutershausen is certified in accordance with PEFC, ift*, and FSC codes of practice.

* German Institute for Windows and Facades, Doors and Gates,
Glass and Building Materials

  • Certificate

    Chain of Custody of 
    Forest Based Products


  • Certificate 

    bis Festigkeitsklasse GL 30


  • ift Certificate 

    laminated and finge jointed
    profiles for wood windows


  • DIN-CERTCO Certificate 

    BULLY®-wood briquettes 


  • Certificate

    Sign for
    responsible forestry




We commmit ourselves to take every effort to ensure not to trade, purchase or import Lumber or Lumber Products that derive from a source where:

Timber was illegally logged / Traditional or civil rights have been restricted / The Wood derives from seriously threatened forests / Wood from where Natural Forests have been converted to plantion-wood or non-wood products / Wood from forests planted with genetically modified tree species

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